Consolidating AppleID (itunes ID), MobileMe ID, and iCloud ID

As regular readers will know, I’ve switched back to iOS from Android with some mixed feelings.  However, I am excited about Yosemite and the integration of the mobile OS with the desktop OS.

I was frustrated with actually accessing the features — getting iMessage to work on the desktop, or work on my iPad with no radio but still show the phone number.  My Mac was supposed to ring when my phone did but didn’t, etc.  And sometimes iMessage would be activated in a way that I was sending messages from a MobileMe email address that I didn’t actually use (without realizing it) and then people would reply to it and I’d never get the replies.  A total mess.

Despite creating this weird fragmentation, Apple has never resolved this problem, nor do they allow you to merge two accounts.

I was able to do this successfully tonight.  In case it’s helpful, here’s what I had to do:

1.  I picked the iTunes ID to be my canonical future ID.  I did this because all my media and app purchases are associated with this account and those are not transferrable.

2. The key thing on my MessageMe account was now a couple of calendars — one of my own, and a shared one with my wife.  I turned them both into shared calendars and invited my iTunesID to them (and accepted from a device logged in with that ID).

3.  Turned off the monthly subscription for extra data to the MobileMe account, and added it to the iTunes account

4.  On each iOS device, logged out of MobileMe in the settings menu on:  iCloud, Messages, and Facetime.  Logged into iTunesID in each of those apps.  Adjusted the settings for messages to just send and receive from my mobile phone number.  Signed into KeyChain from the iCloud menu.  Approved sign in from another device.  Rinse, repeat for each iOS device.

5.  Confirm/approve my credit card in my iTunes account from my Mac.

6.  On the Mac:  Go into facetime, messages and log out of MobileMe and into iTunesID.  From Settings, go into iCloud, sign out of MobileMe and into iTunesID.  Sign into KeyChain and approve on one of your iOS devices

7.  Sign up for extra data on the iTunesID account

8.  Check that all the calendars have all my calendar data.  Change colors to what I am used to.

9.  On iPhone, go into Settings > Passbook and Apple Pay, and confirm your credit card associated with the new iTunesID and approve it for Apple Pay.


Seems to work!  Now I ought to be able to easily dial calls from my computer onto the phone and all the other new integrated Yosemite features.  Let the Apple lock in begin!



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Written by Josh Hannah
Josh Hannah joined Matrix Partners after a career as a serial entrepreneur (Betfair, eHow, wikiHow.) Read more about Josh.

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