What I Miss About Android

I switched to Android a year ago.  An experiment, I suppose. I was also (maybe unreasonably) offended by the iPhone 5S which seemed like such a zero in terms of improvements.

It took some real adjustment, but Android (Nexus 5) was pretty good.  The big negative is it was much buggier/less polished.  For example, when I would click on a phone number to dial it, it would pop a menu:  do you want to dial with Phone or Skype?  I could check “default to” phone, but still, every time, it would pop this menu.

Now that the iPhone 6 and  iOS8 added a large screen and 3rd party keyboards, I came back to Apple.  Why?

  • Less buggy experience
  • More cutting edge apps developed first or only for iOS
  • Better Battery
  • Better camera

Now, I could have got some of these by buying a high end android phone instead of my midpriced one.

What has been my experience back on iOS?  So far, mostly missing Android!

3rd Party Keyboards:  I got totally addicted to swiftkey.  When I demo for iPhone users (on Android) they are blown away, and rightly so.  On iOS it’s not as good, and half the time the thing pops the default keyboard and I’m three clicks to Swiftkey, which is brutal.  Didn’t I come back for less buggy?!

Notification Center:  The android notification center is awesome. It’s where I start every time I pull my phone out after more than an hour and summarizes everything I need to know about the world in one screen.  The notification center on iOS is pretty much filled with useless junk.  And my phone gives a short vibrate many times a day but there’s no obvious way to figure out what it’s trying to notify me about.

Google Now:  This has gotten pretty good recently, and brings you a bunch of relevant information about your appointments, your flight, the weather etc. without you having to ask.  Less mission critical than the two above, but awfully nice.

Mail:  Gmail app on android performs way better than the gmail app or default mail on iOS, in many small ways.

Launcher layout:  It took a little while to figure this out on Android, but I like it better now.  The Main screens need not contain all the apps, just the ones you use.  Apple forces you to flip through all of them.  And, on Android I can lay out the screen the way I want it.  On Apple, if I have fewer apps than the full screen, I can’t put them on the bottom (easy to reach) row.


That said, the camera and battery are killer, which is nice.  First world problems for sure, though not quite as first world as complaining about choosing between a 6 and 6+…



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Written by Josh Hannah
Josh Hannah joined Matrix Partners after a career as a serial entrepreneur (Betfair, eHow, wikiHow.) Read more about Josh.

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