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In my journey to transform myself from an entrepreneur into a Venture Capitalist, I’ve been surprised how many new things I’ve had to learn how to do.  Often asked how the transition is going, I know I should just answer “Great!” but find myself giving the $10 answer to a ten cent question instead, and the punchline always seems to be “this job is a lot harder than it looks!”

One of the main changes in mindset is that I really need to get out and spend time with a lot of people.  Being an entrepreneur fit well with my private nature — I could work in peace on my own business, and measure my success through the standard metrics of results.  In venture, on the other hand, it’s really hard to invest in the best entrepreneurs if you don’t have a preexisting relationship with them, or failing that, they have no way to evaluate you and what you might bring to their business very quickly.  All of which means, I can’t just keep to myself.

Thus, I had a groundbreaking idea:  start a blog, whereby I could share all my great insights with a captivated base of readers.  I predict, within months, lots of VCs will be doing it!

In the best case, we can explore some interesting ideas about what is working and what is not, and share some lessons about how to build a great business.  Comments and feedback are encouraged.

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    How does a person with a great idea educate herself in how to set up an “eHow”-like website to create content and pay contributors? 

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